Resolving Respiratory Conditions

Continued from December 2012 holistic newsletter

Homeopathic remedies can be very beneficial.  

  • Pet Alive carries several great homeopathic remedies.  Sinu-Rite is great for clearing sinus passages.  AmazaPet helps with wheezing and chest discomfort.  Respo-K can improve respiratory health and immunity.  KC Defense can help dry, hacking coughs and sneezing.  We use many of their products as do a growing number of our readers.  Go to their website, click on Pet Alive at the top, and see these great products along with many others.
  • When there are allergies to histamines, histaminum can work wonders.  Washington Homeopathics carries this product along with a hay fever one.
  • Aconite may help asthma when it first occurs, arsenicum when it improves with warmth, and carbo veg when gagging, vomiting or wheezing occur. 
  • For coughing, try bryonia when there is a dry, hacking cough or “kennel cough.”  Drosera may help when your animal can’t catch their breath and  try phosphorus when there is a dry cough that is worse when in cold air. 

Muscle testing is the best way to determine if homeopathy will help, along with which remedy and the duration.  If you do not know how to muscle test, we offer a 30 page instructional ebook with photos that teaches you how to do it with both people and animals. 

Crystals are powerful and can help respiratory conditions.  Malachite may help allergies.  Amber and labradolite may help general respiratory problems.  Rose quartz may help stress-related asthma.  Remember muscle testing is the best way to find out if crystals are appropriate for your animal, which crystals, how to offer them, and for how long.  We create custom crystal essences and crystal pouches for animals.

Color therapy can make a big difference.  Orange is great for congestion.  Green can help asthma and bronchitis.  The ideal way to know what color is best for your animal is muscle testing.  Remember healing colors change as the situation with your animals change.

Acupressure points that may help an acute cough are GB20, Bl10, Bl13, Li4, LU7 and Ki27.  For a chronic cough, try Cv17, Lu9, SP6 and St40.

Remember to act quickly with respiratory issues so that they do not become critical.



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