Continued from the November 2012 holistic email newsletter

Diane told me he was one of the stallions that had been seized and I was amazed that there was no "stallion behavior" happening even when I found out her horse Daisy was in full blown heat! I moved to the next area and met the other stallion, Houdo. I felt his hips were hurting and he was trying to move slowly. He had already been gelded because he was in better condition than the other. I met one more horse, Jumper, but I wanted to go back to the first stallion, Royce.

I went back to the window and started to stroke his face and play with his mane. He leaned closer to me and I whispered softly into his ear. Slowly his eyes closed and he just stood there pressing against my chest and fingers. It was an incredible experience and I knew in that instant that this horse and I were supposed to be together. It was just a split second knowing. I believe the universe brought me to River (Royce) and River (Royce) to me because we were supposed to bring out the best in each other. I don't know that I would know or feel as I do if I had not begun to open my channels to communicate with the animals by taking The Lightfoot Way's Animal Communication teleclasses. Perhaps, River sensed that I was opening up and awakening my inner spirit and I was able to subconsciously sense his spirit opening up. I know my heart is happy when I am with him. I feel thankfulness for the spirit in his eyes that reaches my heart and connects us together in ways we don’t even know yet – the path is ours to behold together.

I have spent many days since with him and he is a very willing and gentle partner. When I take him out of his paddock, I tell him to go play and be a horse. He flips his tail in the air and runs with all his strength, tossing his mane, kicking up his heels, stopping and spinning. When he is finished playing, he stands and waits for me to come and put the lead line on to go play ground games. I have changed his name to River, as this name reminds me to keep the connection between us flowing and to continue on my path with him to the light and the beginning of our new life together after adoption. This weekend he will move to the farm where I board my other horse. When I was saying goodbye to him yesterday, he reached over the gate and put his soft, warm nose on my lips and we exchanged several breaths. And then he licked my chin!

Even though I am in my "golden years" and should be thinking about retirement, I am thankful to have the pleasure of sharing my life with all of my animals and to realize what they can communicate to us!


Jan fromFlorida

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