Rocky Balboa

Continued from the June 2011 holistic email newsletter

no one else would go near him. She decided that she WAS going to talk to him, and she walked into the small intake room and closed the door - just Salise and Rocky in a closed room that had a window. The staff was peering through the window commenting, “What does she mean, she is going to talk to him?” as if she has now lost her mind.

Salise calmed her mind and sent an introduction to Rocky. All of a sudden she was getting a conversation – he told her he was angry that they had taken him from his world. He was the king of his neighborhood and no one told him what to do, when or how to do it. He could eat, have sex and roam whenever and where ever he wanted, and now I am in a box eating what you give me, when you give it to me. Salise realized she had not seen it from his point of view, only that he was getting the care he needed. She recognized his anger and explained that she was only trying to help him get well and that she does respect him and will allow him to make his own decisions. She told Rocky that no one will touch him or come near him UNLESS he comes to them and rubs up against them. That would be the signal that it is okay to be touched or rubbed. Almost immediately after she told him those words, Rocky hopped down from the ledge where his home (enclosure) was and slowly walked toward Salise and then he gently rubbed his head and body against her leg!!! Rocky has not been in confinement since that moment! He has had a great attitude and now has a new kingdom that he is very grateful to have.

Salise saved and changed Rocky’s life just with words that she communicated to him through animal communication. This is a very powerful tool to have when working with animals. Just think of the things you can accomplish when you open that door and awaken that incredible world of connecting and communicating with animals! Your life will forever be changed, just as it is for Salise and the animals at her wonderful shelter.


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