New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for Animals & People

Why Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people now?

Several years after Kim took Reiki, she began to realize that there had to be more – there had to be more beyond Reiki. She did not know what it was or where to find it. But in her heart and soul, she knew there was something beyond Reiki out there. Reiki had begun to feel like old energy. And in July 2011, she found it. It was New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa.) Kim traveled to CT to study with Nedda Wittels, a fellow animal communicator.

Multidimensional Transformation was exactly the new energy, from the same source of Germain, that Kim was looking for. And because this is new energy, The Lightfoot Way will only be focusing on this newer energy, as it would not be fair to continue to teach others an older form of energy work. If we stay in the past, we are stuck. The Lightfoot Way is about empowering people and animals - to grow and expand in their lives, to move forward. And we know that you will find that New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation will fulfill your heart and soul, whether you have already taken Reiki or are new to energy work.

What is Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people?

Multidimensional Transformation is love without conditions and respect for all life forms. It is based on the recognition of divine energy that created the entire universe with all life forms being an intrinsic part of that same creation. Reiki originated from Germain. When Germain brought in the new energy of Shamballa, through John Armitage, it was referred to as Shamballa Reiki since originally people were familiar with the practice of “Reiki”. But over time, it was realized there were more differences than similarities. People also had difficulty letting go of the old beliefs and ways associated with Reiki. Since Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) is the new energy from Germain and it is about people standing in their own power, it began to just be referred to as Shamballa. Due to an organization in the US already using the term "shambhalla", the association has had to change their name.

What are the similarities between Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people and Reiki?

There are several similarities.

  • Multidimensional Transformation and Reiki are love.
  • Both originate from the ascended master, Germain.
  • Both are a type of energy work.
  • What are the differences between Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people and Reiki?

  • The biggest difference is probably the use of symbols. Some of the Reiki symbols originate from Germain in the Atlantean times. Some of these symbols did not stay intact. Some say Takata gave each of her masters different symbols. Some of the symbols were misused by those focused more on power than on healing. In Multidimensional Transformation, there are NO symbols. There are actually over 352 symbols. Symbols do not grow and expand vibrationally as our consciousness grows and expands. In Multidimensional Transformation, we do not need symbols. We ARE the energy. Instead of receiving Reiki attunements where the symbols are passed on, you receive activations where the light packets of energy are activated.
  • There are multiple levels in Reiki. In Multidimensional Transformation for animals and people, in one class you become a Master Healer. In another class you become a Master Teacher. You do not have to go through multiple levels in order to become a Master.
  • Reiki says you do not need to ask permission when offering Reiki, if it is for the greater good. The New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation way is to ask permission of the I AM presence of that person or animal.
  • Reiki focuses on healing yourself and others. Multidimensional Transformation focuses on healing yourself, others and Mother Earth.
  • Reiki focuses on connecting to God, or whatever one calls the source. Multidimensional Transformation focuses on connecting to Mother/Father God and ALL that is – ALL creation, through standing in your power, your I AM presence and growing and expanding your consciousness to personal ascension.

    What are the benefits of Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people?

    The benefits of Multidimensional Transformation are similar to Reiki, but because this is newer energy, it will continue to expand and grow with you on a vibrational level. And because Multidimensional Transformation is about love and freedom, it is not only about healing. Healing is just a part of it.

  • You create your own reality. You co-create with others. As Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see. If you change, the world around you changes.
  • Experience freedom from fear, judgement and love without conditions.
  • Become more in tune with yourself and grounded in your body.
  • Experience an increased sense of your own mastery and spiritual awakening.
  • Understand you are a beacon of light and love.
  • Understand more about the spiritual and energetic changes that are happening on Earth at this time.
  • Because Multidimensional Transformation is healing energy, it will never harm you or an animal.
  • It can be given to any person or animal.
  • If a person or animal has emotional problems due to a traumatic situation such as abuse, neglect, accident or injury, Multidimensional Transformation can help release and heal those emotions.
  • For behavioral issues such as nervousness, hyperactivity, or ADD, Multidimensional Transformation can help you and your pet relax and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • If you or your pet is sick or injured, Shamballa can help the healing to occur more quickly. If you or your animal is facing a serious illness, Multidimensional Transformation can help bring comfort and be a great compliment to conventional treatment.
  • If a person or beloved pet is dying, Multidimensional Transformation can help bring peace and comfort during this difficult time. It really seems to help them relax so they are not afraid and struggling to stay a part of our lives.

  • How is Multidimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) for animals and people learned?

    Multidimensional Transformation is learned by taking a class where you become a Multidimensional Transformation Master Healer. If you want to become a teacher, then you can take the Multidimensional Transformation Master Teacher class after the Master Healer class. In the Master Teacher class, you also receive more meditations and activations. Then you are certified as a teacher and can teach these two classes through the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Americas Association (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America) or New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Association in the Netherlands.

    How can I learn more?

    Take the Multidimensional Transformation classes and change your life. Fill your life with the freedom from the illusion of fear. Learn to stand in your power. Receive the light energy and spiritual guidance that can help you move from the vibration of fear to the vibration of love.

    UPDATE We have been guided to develop our own energy work program called Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy.  It is created by the animals and St. Francis of Assisi for you, animals and the universe.  Please click here for more information about this incredible energy program.

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