Continued from the January 2012 holistic email newsletter

Kim and I began muscle testing for Simone and the first thing we did was to see what color may help her the most (we were slowly going into the woo-woo waters with Salise and beginning with something tangible like color) The color that was unbelievably the strongest was YELLOW! Well, yes, it would be yellow – yellow sends warmth, sunshine, happiness, clarity, help with trauma and traveling and is an anti-depressive energy! Salise listened and thought a moment; the only thing yellow Salise had was a banana that was on her desk. The banana was placed on top of Simone’s crate. The rest is history.

In Salise’s own words, she said, "It took Simone about three days to come out of her cage and not hunt us like food. After the first day with the banana, she was not lunging but didn’t come out. Three days and she came out and walked around. In a week she had decided that she wanted to be on my desk and spent the next several months being my desk kitty." It was always written on Simone’s cage card as they call them – one banana on top of crate!! That is the power color!

Simone, to this date, is the Friends For Life house kitty and roams freely where ever she wishes and even sits in on some of our free healing sessions to offer help.

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