Using Holistic Methods to Solve Any Behavioral Issue

Continued from the June 2011 holistic email newsletter

What is this magical formula?

It is called muscle testing, energy testing or applied kinesiology. Many people refer to it as body wisdom. Many holistic vets, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors (ND’s) and other holistic consultants use this method. We use this method. In fact, many people who know muscle testing do not even realize they can use this technique with animals. And for those that do know how to do it, we take muscle testing to a whole new level. That is what makes what we do with muscle testing so unique from most people. Our formula is why we are SO successful with the animals we are asked to help!

Is it easy to learn?

Yes it is easy to learn. I taught my daughter when she was 12. We have taught muscle testing to so many people. And I can tell you when done correctly, it has a very high rate of accuracy. And with a high rate of accuracy, you have success!

Why does it work?

To learn more about the “why” of muscle testing, I suggest you read the book, Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond, MD. Now this book does not tell you how to do it, but it certainly explains the science behind it. It is truly fascinating and makes a lot of sense. If you are more left-brained focused and have a hard time believing in such a technique, I encourage you to read this book and perhaps you will become a believer.

How does it work?

Muscle testing is done using the deltoid or finger muscles. It is best done with a partner and in our opinion, has a higher rate of accuracy as it is more “black and white” – simply put it is a more clear method. That is the method we use. It can be done by yourself but most people have a very difficult time doing it by themselves. The majority of those that have had success with doing it by themselves, started off doing it with a partner, and may have even done it for a year or more before they were reliably able to do it by themselves. So grab yourself a partner!

How can you solve behavioral issues?

When you learn how to do muscle testing, you can ask a series of questions to find out what holistic methods are going to help your animal. Let’s say your dog has an aggression problem. It does not matter whether it is aggression towards people, animals, or both. These are methods and questions you can ask to find out what will help. It is best if you use your animal’s name, especially if you have more than one dog. For the sake of this exercise, I have just used the word “dog”.
  • Color Therapy - Every animal will have a color that will benefit them. Stay away from red! It can make the behavioral problem worse! You can ask the question Is blue the best color for my dog? If the answer is no, you keep asking until you find out what color is the best color – green, purple, pink, yellow, etc. If the answer is yes, you need to find out what color of blue. Is royal blue the best color for my dog? Keep in mind if the color has various shades, you need to find out which shade is best.
  • Nutrition - This may surprise you, but improper nutrition contributes to many behavioral problems. There are a whole series of questions to determine the proper nutrition, though, as it can be more complicated than you think. That is a huge topic by itself but these questions can be found in our muscle testing instructional ebook. To find out if your nutrition needs adjusting, you can ask Will changing my dog’s nutrition help his aggression?
  • Animal Communication - Some times animals are behaving a certain way because of something that happened to them before they ever came into your life, even if you got them as a puppy. By talking to them, you can determine why they are behaving a certain way and sometimes a simple conversation is all it takes to resolve a behavioral problem! You can ask Will animal communication help my dog’s aggression?
  • Reiki/Energy Work – Reiki helps so many animals. It is such a gentle form of healing energy and anyone can learn basic energy techniques. You can ask Will reiki help my dog’s aggression?
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping – EFT can be just what some animals need, especially if you, too, would benefit from it. Keep in mind animals want to help you and they will often have issues so that YOU will get help, too. We have found the energy to be too strong for some animals, though, and the gentler reiki has more often been what animals have needed. You can ask Will EFT help my dog’s aggression?
  • Flower Essences - Flower essences work on an emotional level and are custom created to give to your animal. You can ask Will flower essences help my dog’s aggression?
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils can be very beneficial. We have found the energy to be too strong for some animals, though, and the gentler flower essences have more often been what animals have needed. You can ask Will aromatherapy help my dog’s aggression?
  • Crystal Therapy - Crystals help animals though the energy can be too strong so some animals will be too sensitive to them. You can ask Will crystal therapy help my dog’s aggression?
  • Homeopathy - Gandhi thought homeopathy was an incredible and affordable method of healing. While many people use homeopathy for acute health issues, it is also used for emotional issues. You can ask Will homeopathy help my dog’s aggression?
  • Massage - Massage is very relaxing and can help strengthen your hands-on relationship with an animal. You can ask Will massage help my dog’s aggression?
  • Chiropractic - Some times an animal behaves a certain way because they are experiencing discomfort. A chiropractic adjustment may be helpful. You can ask Will chiropractic work help my dog’s aggression? Keep in mind it could be multiple sessions so you should not say “chiropractic session” because then you are muscle testing for just one session and if more are needed, the answer could indicate no chiropractic would not be helpful, when in fact it would, but not from just one session.
  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture can also help with animals that are in pain. Some times multiple sessions are needed. You can ask Will acupuncture help my dog’s aggression?
  • What about other methods or behavioral issues?

    There may be other holistic methods you want to see that will help your animal. All you need to do is ask Will (specific method) help my dog’s aggression? If you have a different behavioral issue, just ask Will (specific method) help my dog’s (specific behavior problem)? And of course this can be for a dog, cat, horse, bird, guinea pig, etc.

    What is the next step?

    You may be surprised, but only a small percentage of holistic methods are going to test positive/strong for helping your animal. Don’t expect most of the methods to test strong. The beauty of muscle testing shows you which ones are BEST for your animal. That way you do NOT waste time or money on methods that are not ideal. Most likely, you will end up with 3-5 methods. That seems to be the average. Now to find out which are truly the top methods, all you have to do is ask! For instance, if animal communication shows up as strong, you can ask Is animal communication the best way to help my dog’s aggression? You can ask a series of questions in order to rank them from #1-#5. For instance, you can ask Is reiki the 2nd best way to help my dog’s aggression? You just keep asking the questions until it is clear what the methods are in order. That way you don’t have to do all 5 methods. I would suggest at least doing the top 2-3 methods, as holistic care truly works best when a team effort is made. Sometimes one method can do the trick but often it is a combination of a few that brings overall success.

    Want to try this yourself?

    You can learn how to solve any behavioral problem using these questions. It is just a matter of taking the time to muscle test and then going forth with the best plan of action. If you do not know how to muscle test, you can get our popular 30 page muscle testing instructional ebook for $10 right now. We’ve sold this ebook to people all over the world. Here is the link to the special offer. This offer is only available through July. After July, you will need to use this link.

    Want a free consultation from us?

    Yes, that is right. We will do the above muscle testing on your animal for you! All we need is their name, a photo of them, and what is the issue you would like to resolve. Understand that it does NOT matter where you live, as muscle testing is a form of energy work so distance does not matter at all! That is why we have clients from all over. We will let you know what holistic methods show up as helping your pet, along with their special color. This if our gift to you. This offer is available to anyone that is on our email newsletter list. And if you are interested in us helping your animal further, based on what methods your animal muscle tested for, you can let us know. To get your free consultation, click here now!


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