Spiritual Guidance from
Angels & More

Where can we get spiritual guidance from?

Most people do not realize that guidance can come from a variety of sources. Many people pray and speak to God and Jesus, but guidance can also come from angels, ascended masters, our human and animal departed loved ones, and animal spirit guides or animal totems. There are also guides like shamans, native Americans and even fairies.  You may be seeking general or specific guidance in your life.  At other times, you may need closure.  But overall, think of this as an opportunity to receive spiritual empowerment.

How can we receive this guidance?

What many people do not realize is that all you need to do is ask for their help. Angels, ascended masters, loved ones, animal spirit guides  and other guides can help us on our path, in any area of life.  They are by your side right now, like life coaches, just waiting to help. There is nothing to be afraid of. Really it is quite beautiful to think of the support you have throughout your entire life. 

How can we hear what guidance is being given?

If you learn animal communication , that honestly is just the start of your possible intuitive abilities. You can then ask and receive guidance from whomever you want to receive it from. The Lightfoot Way is all about empowering people on their life paths. However, if you do not wish to take a workshop or are unable to, or perhaps you wish to receive more clarity than what you have received, we can help you.

While most people do not realize it, we have been offering guidance and empowerment to people through their animals, especially animals that are in spirit.  We have offered guidance from loved ones that have passed.  We also work a lot with the angels.  As the energies of Mother Earth are changing, so are the needs of people.  We are available to offer spiritual guidance from not only the animals, but also angels, ascended masters, loved ones that have passed and more. 

How does the spiritual guidance session work?

Offering guidance to others makes our heart and soul sing.  When we talk with your guides, this is done in a transcript format, not a phone call, because this is how we channel the information the most clearly. You will complete a questionnaire, make payment and provide any relevant photos.  We will then email you a detailed transcript with answers to your questions from those you have asked to be spoken to.  A 15 minute follow up phone call is available should you wish to discuss the information in your transcript. 

Nearly three years ago I lost my beautiful and extraordinary wife, Clare in a tragic accident. The loss devastated me. Kim has given me a precious gift by putting me back in touch with Clare. Now, there are so many things I can find answers to. And I have a guide and guardian angel for the rest of my journey in this world. Words fail me in describing how this has changed my life. Thank you, dearest Kim.
Fergus O'Connell, Dublin, Ireland

Author of the novel, The Photographs of Gettysburg

Thank you for communicating with my sister and bringing her close to me once again. I am truly amazed at all the things that came through that resonate with me now and I look forward to the day when I can say 'that's what she meant' for the others. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.
Love & Respect, Sheila , US

How do I request a spiritual guidance session?

Please go here to request a spiritual guidance consultation.  

If you wish to talk to your animal, whether alive or in spirit, please request an animal communication session instead of a spiritual guidance session.

If you are seeking mentoring or coaching in your life that does not involve spiritual guidance on a deep level such as this, we offer that through our mentoring and coaching program.  Click here to learn more.