Stop the Top 5 Behavioral Problems with 5 Simple Solutions

From the May 2015 holistic animal care newsletter

Let’s talk about 4 other challenging behavioral issues and some top holistic methods to resolve them.  Make sure you refer to the newsletter for the 5 things you MUST keep in mind before you start along with some more detailed information on the various methods.


Fear comes in many forms.  Phobias like thunderstorms, vacuuming, loud noises, riding in the car, etc. can make you cringe when you don’t know what to do to help calm your pet.  Consider these holistic options.

  • Color – Light blue is a great general calming color.
  • Crystals – LarimarOrange Calcite and Sodalite may help. 
  • Aromatherapy – FennelGinger and Sandalwood can work wonders.
  • Flower Essences – Rescue remedy will work in many situations.  Aspen is great for unknown fears.  Mimulus helps known fears.  Rock Rose is ideal you’re your animal seems paralyzed from fear.
  • Pressure – Pressure can help in the form of clothing like a Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap.  You can also wrap your dog yourself with a bandage.  Click here for instructions.  


The key to helping aggression or anger is trying to determine why they are acting that way.  There are a variety of holistic methods that can help this scary behavior.  In 99% of cases, I’d say it is 100% solvable.

  • Color – Whatever you do, keep your animal away from red – that means not on or around them.  Red aggravates and irritates so it will make the aggression or anger worse.  You really need to muscle test to find out the best color for your pet.  If you really need to try something, try light blue.
  • Crystals – Try AngeliteBloodstone or light Turquoise
  • Aromatherapy – ChamomileMarjoram and Rosemary may do the trick.
  • Flower Essences – Cherry Plum is great for the animal that is stressed to the point of biting or hurting themselves.  Holly can work for those with negative feelings.  Vine is ideal for animals that are dominant with people and animals or territorial.
  • Chiropractic – Consider a chiropractic adjustment.  Often times an animal that is aggressive or angry is an animal that is in pain.  If their body is out of alignment, it can cause pain.  Being out of alignment not only affects the bones, it can affect organs, too. 
  • See the May 2014 archives for more information on aggression/anger.


Hyper animals are often referred to as children that have ADD.  Holistic animal care can work on getting them grounded and aware.

  • Color – Kelly Green is a great color to help ground and balance an animal.
  • Crystals – AmethystRose Quartz and Smokey Quartz can work magic for hyper animals.
  • Aromatherapy – CedarwoodFrankincense and Vetiver may do the trick.
  • Flower Essences – Chicory is great for jealous animals that may bite for attention.  Heather can help those that are noisy or destructive.  Try Impatiens for hyper animals that are tense and irritable.
  • Massage – Yes massaging can help calm animals and stop them in their tracks.  Try slow and gentle circles in their arm pits and you may be very surprised. 
  • See the October 2014 archives for more information on hyperactivity.


Depression and grief can arise from circumstances as tragic as the loss of a person or animal or more subtle such as moving to a new home or a change in their schedule.  Try to help sooner than later as you do not want this to affect their health.

  • Color Yellow is like sunshine and can help animals transition to a cheery outlook.
  • CrystalsCarnelian, Kunzite and Sugilite may help.
  • Aromatherapy – Give Jasmine, Neroli and Rose a try.
  • Flower EssencesGentian may help animals that are so discouraged that they stop eating (if this become severe, Gorse may help.)  Honeysuckle is ideal for those that dwell on the past.  Mustard may help those that are depressed for no obvious reason.
  • HomeopathyIgnatia is great for animals that are grieving or after shock/trauma.  Kali Phos may help those who are depressed due to stress.  (See the September 2013 archives to learn more about homeopathy.)
  • See the July 2013 archives for information on Pet Loss.

As you can see, there are some great, simple and affordable ways you can use holistic animal care to help resolve behavioral problems.  Please remember the key to really knowing what will help exactly is muscle testing.  If you do not know how to do this, we offer an instructional ebook with photos that teaches you how to do it with people and animals.

If you want our help with your animal’s behavioral issues, we are happy to do so.  You can sign up for our Global Healing evenings which are donation based.  We do require that you have taken the Intro to Holistic Animal Care Class (in person or online) so that when we work with you and your pet, we can jump right into the solution and focus 100% of our time on helping your animal and not having to explain what all we are doing.  When you have taken the class, you are savvy and ready to rock and roll!  Of course, even if you are not interested in our help right now, you will learn a lot about 11 different methods in our packed 2 hour online class.

So don’t be afraid to dive more into holistic animal care.  Your animals will greatly appreciate it.  And you will know it, too.