Stop Your Hyperactive Pet

From our October 2014 holistic newsletter

  • You can learn how to make custom flower essences or essential oil blends for focus during training or for calming you and your animal.  Lavender and chamomile oils are great for calming.

  • Work on their spirit by doing energy work on your animals and always sending positive energy.  Doing yoga daily with your dog is a holistic activity that can increase your ability to connect with your dog on a higher level.  Learn meditations of unconditional love through movement and prana (breath) that build a bond of body, mind and spirit. Yoga calms and relaxes the body and mind.  Doing yoga in the presence of other animals can extend the calmness to them since they are sharing the space with you. Bob and I love doing yoga together.  Click here to learn about our dog yoga ebook.

  • Acupressure and acupuncture help keep the chi or energy in the meridians flowing and the muscles and joints working to keep balance in the body.  Both of these modalities have done wonders for calming any animal - they will often fall asleep during a session.

  • Teach tricks (trick training) It is a game to them and it stimulates by giving the brain a work-out.  You make an animal think it uses more energy than a 20 minute run. Sometimes mental challenges are the true workout and pets love to play games and learn new tricks.

When you add holistic modalities such as these to your life, you can prevent and overcome many obstacles including hyperactive animals, prevailing with the satisfaction and inner joy of the fun and accomplishment you shared with your pet.

When it comes to dogs, there are so many wonderful activities we can do with them that may seem like "sports" but are actually a great way to bond with them, release excessive energy and keep their mind and body exercised.

  • Agility, flyball and frisbee are great team activities that provide running, jumping and other interesting moves. However, be aware of any injuries present as you do not them jumping with an injury.  
  • Dock dog jumping, lure coursing and nose work therapy work on the theory of using the dog's natural instincts and prey drive to do these sports.  Pete loves doing nose work.  These are great fun and no need to worry about obedience or discipline in these sports - they can just be a dog and let loose! 
  • Rally and canine freestyle/dancing are just a few of the activities you can get involved in with your dog one on one. Bob and I love to dance together!  No team or playing field needed. Doing any of these activities together can create an unconditional bond of love between you and your dog that is so special and forever growing deeper and deeper. It is an excellent way to stimulate and exercise your dog, and canine freestyle can be done indoors on rainy days. This workout for your dog is not only physical, but you are also working on their emotional and metaphysical. 
  • Water is excellent for tiring a hyperactive dog. Water therapy is highly recommended for strengthening the body. When the weather is too hot to play outside in the heat - swim!

Get involved with your animals and your animals will get involved with you - see a deep and rewarding relationship evolve, which will keep them healthy and relieve any unwanted hyperactivity!  Animals need a purpose and a job - give them one and do it together. Staying active with your animals can help them to stay active with you. Have fun and don't forget you can always work on their spiritual energy by sending positive energy.