Top 5 Ways to Stop Your Pet's Anxiety

(From the September 2014 holistic newsletter)

There are many ways to lessen or eliminate anxiety.  These are the top five based on our experiences.

Animal Communication

Why is your animal acting anxious?  The top way to find out is to simply ask them. 

·       It can be something that stemmed from when they were a puppy or kitten for instance.  Maybe they were the runt or didn’t get that much attention or had to fight for food.

·       It could be something that happened after they came into your life.  Maybe they saw you go through a difficult time in your life.  Maybe you still are.

·       An animal can be anxious because of another animal.  The other animal may be dominating or overbearing.  On the other hand, the other animal may be sick or frail and they are worried about it.

·       Maybe they don’t realize you are their forever home.  SO many animals tell us this.  You must tell them you are their forever home and that wherever you go in life, they will go with you.  Telling them you love them and will be there for them is not enough for many.  They still think they might be taken or given away, especially if you adopted or rescued them.  FOREVER is the key.  Make sure they know it.  Tell them.  And if you are a foster home, tell them you are searching for their forever home.

There are many reasons why an animal may be anxious.  When you find out why, you can understand where they are coming from and work on a resolution.  Remember anyone can learn how to talk with animals. 

Color Therapy

Every animal has a healing color for a particular time in their life.  We have found that light blue works well with general anxiety and light pink for separation anxiety.  However, the best way to find out their ideal color is to muscle test.  Keep in mind that red stimulates so it tend to make an anxious animal more anxious.  To offer color therapy, get a towel or blanket and place it where your animal can lay on it or near it if they want to.


Nutrition plays a big role.  Keep in mind that grains and “hot” proteins like lamb and chicken can heat the body up.  What this means is that your pet’s anxiety can also be “heated” up.  You don’t want to “feed” the anxiety.  Consider a grain free diet and other proteins like turkey and beef.  Even horses can be on a grain free diet.  Supplements that can help anxiety by reducing stress are bee pollen, chamomile and valerian.  The best way to find out what diet your pet should be on is muscle testing.  

Energy Work

Energy work such as reiki, healing touch for animals, etc. can be so healing.  Remember when you offer energy to your pet, you also receive healing energy.  You can do basic energy work on your animals and yourself.  To learn more about doing energy work, please see the August 2011 issue in the archives.  It is simple, beautiful and soul touching.  Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference for you and your pet.

Flower Essences 

Flower essences are very gentle and work on a deep level.  Generally, an animal needs 3-5 Bach flower essences to help their anxiety.  Some essences that may help are Agrimony, Aspen, Cherry Plum, Elm, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose and White Chestnut.  There are 38 Bach flower essences in all.  Muscle testing is the key to really finding the ideal blend for your pet.  Otherwise, you are hoping for the best when you try to guess.  If you do not know how to muscle test, we offer a 31 page instructional ebook with photos that teaches you how to do muscle testing for yourself and your animals.

While there are more ways to eliminate anxiety, we encourage you to give these a try first.  They get more to the heart and soul of the nature behind the anxiety.  Other ways may just be a “bandaid.”  Unless you work on resolving the anxiety on that level, more than likely the anxiety will return.  So just keep an open mind and heart.  Also, take a close look at what is happening in your own life.  Do your best to work on yourself with holistic methods such as these.  In return, you will have a much more zen household!