Tales of Healing

(continued from the November 2014 holistic newsletter)


Power of Animal Communication

Laurie came to us after her beloved Maggie crossed over the rainbow bridge.  As many owners do, she wanted closure and guidance.  We spoke to Maggie and she assured Laurie it was her time to leave the planet and she had made the right decision.  She wanted Laurie to know that she was an angel and would be helping her on her spiritual path.  What Maggie wanted more than anything was for Laurie to believe in herself and use her healing abilities not just on people, but also on animals.  While Laurie had a successful practice working on people, something was missing.  With guidance and encouragement from Maggie, Laurie started to learn everything she could with us on holistic animal care and even volunteered with us at the healing nights.  Since then, Laurie has done a wonderful job helping animal clients in addition to her human ones.  Maggie continues to guide her, giving her the strength to make positive changes in her business.  We are blessed that Laurie is still part of our lives and we thank angelic Maggie for bringing us together.  It is powerful to know animals can help guide us, including those in spirit.

Pat and Blake sat down at the table with their beautiful black lab, Zoe. They had wanted to know how she was doing and if she was having any discomfort.  Zoe went under the table and came up to me and asked what was wrong with Blake's leg.  I asked him if there was any reason why she would be asking about his leg.  When he and Pat walked up I had not noticed anything.  Zoe went back under the table and sat by Blake.  He just stared at me in disbelief. He said that for the first time that day in a long time, he'd been limping as his leg was bothering him. Pat hadn't even been aware he was having issues.  I explained to him that Zoe was more concerned about him than about herself.  He was in awe that Zoe was so tuned in to him.  We proceeded to talk to Zoe to see how she was doing.  Shortly after the session, we found out that Blake told Pat he would never look at Zoe the same again.  Her deep care for him not only forever changed Blake, it inspired him to learn animal communication with Pat.  It was a wonderful feeling to see how a special moment could help someone to look at animals differently.  That's what we love about animal communication - it truly changes your life like nothing else.

Power of Nutrition

Zahra had a wonderful energetic quality to her.  She offered unique classes and taught children on a holistic and metaphysical level.  When she came to us with her cat Clio, she wasn’t sure how to help her.  She knew how to do energy work but felt Clio needed more.  Not only had Clio lost weight, her hair was dull and badly falling out.  We muscle tested and found that Clio needed a diet change.  Like many of the animals we see, their body is out of balance and their nutrition needs to be adjusted to bring it back into harmony.  We muscle tested proteins to determine what would be best for Clio.  She also muscle tested for canned food that was grain free.  Dry food is very hard on animals, especially cats as they need more moisture in their diet.  We have found grains to be a culprit of many skin issues.  Zahra made it to Petco before it closed after our session.  After Clio had been on the new diet for awhile, she regained some weight.  Her hair improved and her coat was shiny.  Zahra said Clio loved the special attention and seemed happier, too.  It’s amazing what a simple diet change can have the power to do.  We see it all the time.  


Power of Color Therapy

Simone was a cat that was rescued from animal control.  Sadly, she had been forgotten and left in the kill room for a week.  No telling the horrors she had seen.  But it greatly affected her behavior when she arrived at the shelter.  She wouldn't let anyone touch them and had injured several people.  The welding glove they were using was red.  Red tends to aggravate.  The glove was removed.  We muscle tested what color could help Simone heal and got yellow.  It totally made sense.  Yellow brings sunshine and happiness with it.  It's cheery like a yellow sunflower.  The only thing Salise, the shelter director had, was a yellow banana on her desk.  She placed it on the crate. Would it work?  After the first day, Simone didn't come out of her crate but she stopped lunging.  In three days, she came out of her cage and walked around.  In a week, she decided Salise was her friend and curled up on her desk.  Simone became known as the mascot of the shelter.  It just goes to show you color can be powerful, even a banana!

Power of Holistic Animal Care

Tracie had a kind heart and rescued precious Paris from the pound.  However, a vet informed her that her weak dog had distemper and possibly parvo.  Tracie offered the prescribed medications and even energy work but came to see us as Paris kept getting weaker.  She was determined Paris came into her life for a reason and wasn’t going to give up on her.  Tracie arrived with a photo.  We were impressed with Paris’ persistence to get better and in her heart she knew she was supposed to be with Tracie.  We muscle tested and found that she was going to need a number of things to help her.  First in order, a new diet.  She also muscle tested for certain crystals to help her along with a homeopathic remedy.  Tracie was to continue doing daily energy work on Paris.  The following month, Tracie arrived with the much changed Paris.  The difference was truly remarkable.  Tracie never gave up on Paris and allowed the holistic animal care to help heal Paris on a body, mind and spirit level.  Thanks to the beauty of holistic animal care, Paris’ true beauty could now shine through.

Hopefully these stories will help you to see the power of holistic animal care.  Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith to take that first step.  Remember, your animals are your teachers.  They are in your life for a reason.  They so want us to learn.  Animals are windows to our souls and doorways to our spiritual destinies.  If we let them into our lives and allow them to teach us, we will be better for it.  

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