Teleclass FAQ 

What is a teleclass?

Great question!  A teleclass is a class done from the comfort of your home, business or whatever environment you decide on.  You do not have to travel to the class.  It is ideal for those that do not have the availability to take a local class, perhaps desire to learn in an environment they are most comfortable in or simply do not like to travel.

How long is the teleclass?

Many teleclasses taught by others are several days or spread out over a number of weeks.  What is unique about our animal communication teleclass is that it is just ONE day from 9am-6pm central time.  Our three advanced teleclasses are in a convenient 3 hour format from 6-9pm.

How many students are in the teleclass?

Our animal communication teleclass is limited to just 10 students.  We want to provide a quality and intimate learning experience.  By the end of the class, you are like family. 

How does the teleclass work?

You will email us with photos of up to 3 animals.  Animals can be in spirit.  You will also provide us with a photo of yourself and 5 questions for each animal.  Documents you will use during the teleclass and instructions are emailed to you ahead of time so you are prepared.  The documents are in PDF format. 

How do we communicate with one another during the teleclass?

You either call in on your cell phone, land line, or you can Skype in. When using land lines, our students have access to this phone list which covers a number of US cities and other countries.   Most students from outside the US use Skype.  That means that no matter where you are in the world, you can participate!  If you use Skype, the teleclass is voice only (not video.)   You will have a document that has photos of us and all the students in the class.  

I am not tech savvy.  How do I know this will work?

We totally understand but don’t let this scare you.  Calling in is simple.  If you want to use Skype, keep in mind students who have never used Skype before have learned how to for the teleclass.  If you use Skype, you are given instructions on how to set it up.  There is even a test call for you to call or Skype in the week of the class so that you can check your connection.  If you are not using a phone, you just need to make sure that what you are using allows you to speak where others can hear you.  Occasionally you may find that you need to purchase a simple headset that has a microphone.

Are there breaks?

We take a morning, lunch and afternoon break.

Is the teleclass recorded?

It sure is.  You will be able to listen to the recordings or download them, whichever you prefer.

Is a teleclass really as good as learning in person?

Absolutely!  In fact it may be better because you are in the comfort of a location you choose AND your senses tend to be more sharp as you are relying on each other’s voice rather than seeing each other face to face.  The energetic connection each student makes and feels is just amazing.  Every student from all over the US and other countries have successfully communicated with animals in just ONE day.  We’ve been blown away by how awesome they have done!

I am interested in becoming a professional animal communicator.  Will this teleclass help me?

Definitely!  It is the first step on this beautiful and rewarding path.  We also offer an advanced animal communication teleclass and our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication Program.  These classes are part of this program.