Thanking Your Animals

Continued from the November 2012 holistic email newsletter

· Tell them how your day was. They enjoy a conversation with you.

· Tell them your dreams, your fears, anything on your mind. Really, they have been tuning into you ever since you got them and want to hear from you on a regular basis.

· Remember that some animals need help understanding their role in your life and what you want from them. Some animals need you to tell them what their role is, such as “you are my companion” or “you are my guardian”. They may need you to explain to them what you want from your relationship with them. So if they seem lost or confused and you have told them it is there forever home, make it clear to them what you expect from them.

· Do not worry that you do not know what they are saying. Do not let that stop you from talking to your animal. The main thing is that you talk to them.

· Yes, anyone can learn to “hear” what they are saying. This is inside ALL of us. It is just a matter of waking that up. (If you ever want to know what they are saying back to you, this is when an animal communicator can be of help or better yet, learn animal communication yourself at our local workshop or our distance teleclasses.)

· Do something special with your animal. If you normally take them for a 30 minute walk, take them for an hour walk. If you never have massaged your animal, start offering them a massage. If you normally play with a toy with your animal, come up with a new way to play. If you have a set routine where your animal goes on the same walk or you ride your horse the same method or you train your animal the same routine, change it up and do something different. Enrich their minds and find THEIR passion, not just yours.

· And lastly, tell them how much you love them and thank them for their love for you. For some people, animals are their very best friend because they are the one being that they know will never let them down. Animals allow us to be ourselves and accept us for who we are. True unconditional love.

So even though Thanksgiving is over for some of us, please remember that animals are pretty amazing and we need to think of them as having an intelligent mind, a loving heart and a deep soul that reaches the depths of our own. And what does Al want you to know?

Remember you are just a vessel.

It’s not so important what our ship looks like

but the most important thing is that we sail –

and we are willing to sail into unknown waters.

So focus on moving forward in your life. Be willing to step outside of your box. Don’t get hung up on the little details. You will get there – and your animals will help guide you!

Blessings to you and the animals you love!


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