Resolving UTI Animal Conditions Naturally

Continued from the August 2012 holistic email newsletter

Flower essences of Gorse, Hornbeam, Mimulus, Olive and Star of Bethlehem may help. A custom Bach flower essence blend using muscle testing made from the 38 remedies is ideal as it focuses on the entire animal. Remember we do not always know what is going on with an animal. We can't base our evaluation on just what we "see." It's important to realize that there are many things we do not see and do not know. That's why muscle testing to create a custom blend is the ideal method.

Crystal therapy may help. Bloodstone, calcite, citrine and hematite are crystals that can help support the kidney and bladder. Amber, a fossilized tree sap, also can have healing affects. A custom crystal selection using muscle testing is the best as it will take into account all the issues your animal has, even those you are unaware of.

Color therapy is simple and powerful. The bladder is associated with the sacral chakra and that color is orange. You may want to consider getting an orange towel or sheet for your animal to get the energy from it. However, orange is very close to the color red, which can aggravate the situation for many animals. The best way to know what color is right is to muscle test.

Acupressure points of Bl23, Ki4, CV3 and CV4 that focus on the bladder, kidney and conception vessel points may help. Work from head to toe first and allow your animal to tell you when to move on to the next point. Hold the point until your animal moves or picks up their foot or turns away - they will always tell you. Make sure you work on both sides of your animal’s body.

Willard’s water helps to keep the body alkaline. If the body is more alkaline, it makes it hard for illness and disease to occur in the body.

While there are a number of holistic methods that can help urinary conditions, not all of them are going to work for your animal or may take a longer time to see results. Remember muscle testing is a crucial key in knowing what food, supplements, essences, crystals, etc. are the best for your animal. Muscle testing will show whether a method will help or not. Otherwise you are using holistic methods by trial and error. Why make things difficult when you can get the answers you need quickly, which means your are saving time and money and of course, your animal’s health. If you do not know how to do muscle testing, you can learn it with our 31 page instructional ebook.



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